The youngest of four daughters born to a farmer and homemaker, Sally was raised in the small West Tennessee town of Bradford. She received a guitar as a gift at the age of four and was immediately captivated by music. There were two annual Gospel singings at the local high school, events that Sally scrambled to attend. During one of these concerts, she realized the call God had placed on her life.

Sally Quick is determined to walk near to the heart of God. This commitment to her faith helps her to find those messages that He most wants her to write and sing about. Sally believes that joy is a fruit of the Spirit, not a fruit of our situation. A woman who has faced great challenges since childhood, Sally wants to share with others how they can find peace in the midst of life's storms. For some people, starting a new venture later in life might be a little scary. But for Sally Quick, there is not much this strong woman won't tackle.

As she approached the twenty-two year mark of singing in groups, the Lord began to deal with Sally about her individual service. She had not seen the inside of a classroom in over thirty years, but in January 2013, Sally pulled up her bootstraps and started college. With her eye on a seminary degree and honing her writing skills, this ministry-driven woman desires to be all God plans for her to be.

Sally wants nothing more than to effectively reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has added Liberty University Divinity School to her busy schedule. "I don't know all the Lord has planned for me, but I want to stand when He says stand and move when He says move!" A lifetime commitment to ministry stems from one basic belief: Do everything as unto the Lord.